Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Should John Stewart run for President?

Answer: NO

In case you were gonna ask me whether John Stewart should run for Preisdent, let me just answer you in advance. NO.

First of all, let me state that John Stewart's program is quality television, I don't disagree with that. I have an interview with his correspondent John Oliver coming up, and I find him as well as the rest of the Daily Show staff, including Stewart, to be comic geniuses.

But just because Stewart can make snide comments about the administration doesn't mean he can do a better job than them. John Stewart is funny, I'll admit, but I'm tired of his fans elevating him to a Godlike pedestal of rightousness. Sure, it's fine to watch this show for a laugh for some interesting satire on the current state of government but don't entrust your hopes and dreams for our nation's political future into the guy.

I think it's a far healthier outlook to reserve your admiration for the people in the actual Government. Sure, there are a few rotten eggs in the basket, but it's imperative as a nation for us to place our trust and our full support in the ones that aren't. There are some cases of scandal in the government, but by and large, Congress is composed of dedicated public servants who work long and hard to try to reach out to everyone and fight for their needs. I think it's far easier to sit back and be a critic of the government than it is to work for the government and do a good job at it. I'm tired of people thinking the comedians like John Stewart are right about everything and every single person in the government is an idiot. Sometimes when I hear his criticisms and I actually think and analyze what he's saying beyond a comic level, I disagree with him.

John Stewart is great at being critical of politics but as educated citizens, we need to be equally critical of John Stewart.

For the record, I'm much more a democrat than I am a republican and I know most of his targets are currently republican since he attacks whoever's in office, but I'm just pre-emptively saying this for when he goes and attacks the democrats next year when they win back control and he starts making snarky comments at them.