Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Memo to America and Tom Cruise: It's time to make up

I have had just about enough of the way America is treating Tom Cruise. Poor guy. As a nation, I think we've been a little selfish and inconsiderate to treat someone who's been our favorite actor with such disdain just because he's in love with a girl and wanted to express it and his religious beliefs. Because we all know that in this country it's taboo to proselytise your religion (um...hello, Christian Evangelicals). However, I still can't believe how wishy-washy our nation is. We've held this guy up as our top movie star for 20 years and then all of a sudden, we don't like him anymore because he's crazy? Sure, he's crazy but isn't that what you love him for?

I knew a girl who loved the film Jerry MaGuire but didn't like Tom Cruise because he was crazy and I just don't get that. Tom Cruise's characters are usually not stoners or relaxed people. His screen persona is that of a crazy person. In Jerry MaGuire, he plays a guy who decides to quit his job on the spur of the moment, stays up all night writing some manifesto about how *drum roll* we should be nice to our clients, asks his seceretary to marry her for seemingly no good reason at all, and shouts things at the top of his like "Help Me, Help You" to Cuba Gooding Jr. That guy sounds twice as crazy as the real Tom Cruise and we still love it. The actual Tom Cruise in real life new Katie Homes for longer than he knew the secretary before proposing to her and hasn't ever quit a job. In fact, Tom Cruise is considered by pretty much every director and costar he's ever had to be the hardest-working person they know.

I know Cruise comes off as conceited and arrogant, but actual reports from people who know him say he's the opposite. The more I've looked into Tom Cruise since the couch-jumping incident the more I see less and less to dislike about him.