Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monk gets post-modern

I'm not used to TV episodes showing the self-referential sophistication of movies but I was pleasantly surprised by the season premiere of Monk.

It seemed to me like Sarah Silverman's character was self-aware that Monk was a TV show, citing episode names and alluding to fan fiction. She also wished to press the "pause button" on the murder because she was bored. Her loss of interest in Monk at the end was like that of a wishy-washy TV viewer. The fact that she was in real danger once she stopped caring about the episode, she found herself in real danger is a possible knock at channel surfers who can't sustain their interest through one hour of telivision.

I'm not a humongous Sarah Silverman fan. She's pleasant in small doses like her snippet on the Aristocrats, but I personally don't think her wierd-for-the-sake-of-being-seen-as-cutting-edge humor is as great as some critics give her credit for but she was really great in this character.