Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A rundown of my film school education

In case anyone was curious to know about what films I was exposed to in my film school education, here's a list of all the films that I watched as part of the curriculums of my 6 courses that I needed to complete the film school minor. I also sat in on part of a films in society course and a film noir seminar, but the main gist is covered here. The 6 courses I took were movies as art, films in society, film adaptations, movie history to 1960, film genres, and film comedy. Asteriks indicate that part of the film was shown:
Birth of a Nation (1915) (films in society)
*Intolerance (1919) (film history)
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) (film history)
Safety Last (1923) (film comedy)
Battleship Potempkin (1925) (films in society, film history)
The General (1927) (film comedy)
Blue Angel (1930) (film history)
City Lights (1931) (film history)
Strangers in Paradise (1932) (film history)
42nd Street (1933) (genres)
Duck Soup (1933) (comedy)
Merry Widow (1934) (genres)
It Happened One Night (1935) (history)
Top Hat (1935) (genres)
Modern Times (1936) (comedy)
*Swing Time (1936) (genres)
Grand Illusion (1937) (history)
*Bringing Up Baby (1938) (history. comedy)
Gone with the Wind (1939) (society)
Wizard of Oz (1939) (society)
Ninochta (1939) (comedy)
The Bank Dick (1940) (comedy)
Citizen Kane (1941) (history)
The Lady Eve (1941) (comedy)
Double Indemnity (1944) (genres)
*Scarlett Street (1945) (genres)
Big Sleep (1946) (genres)
*Lady in the Lake (1947) (art)
Bicycle Thief (1948) (history)
Third Man (1949) (art)
Sunset Boulevard (1950) (genres)
Strangers on a Train (1951) (history)
High Noon (1952) (genres)
Singing in the Rain (1952) (genres)
Shane (1953) (genres)
Brigadoon (1954) (society)
The Searchers (1956) (genres)
Wild Strawberries (1957) (history)
Touch of Evil (1958) (genres)
Some Like it Hot (1959) (comedy)
Breathless (1960) (history)
8 ½ (1963) (history)
Dr. Strangelove (1964) (comedy)
A Hard Day’s Night (1964) (art)
Wild Bunch (1969) (genres)
McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971) (autuer)
Cabaret (1972) (genres)
Chinatown (1974) (genres)
Day for Night (1973) (art)
Young Frankenstein (1974) (comedy)
Days of Heaven (1978) (art)
The Red Shoes (1986) (art)
Age of Innocence (1993) (adaptation)
Sankofa (1993) (society)
Rising Sun (1993) (society)
*Much Ado About Nothing (1993) (adaptation)
Pulp Fiction (1994) (society)
Persuasion (1995) (art)
Romeo and Juliet (1996) (society)
Waiting for Guffman (1997) (comedy)
Big Lebowski (1998) (comedy)
Pleasantville (1998) (society)
End of the Affair (1999) (adaptation)
Ghost Dog (1999) (society)
*Matrix (1999) (art)
Bamboozled (2000) (society)
*Oh Brother Where Art Thou (2000) (comedy)
Gladiator (2000) (society)
Wonderboys (2000) (adaptation)
Momento (2001) (adaptation)
Girl with a Pearl Earing (2003) (art)
*Intolerable Cruelty (2003) (comedy)
*A Mighty Wind (2003) (comedy)
Lost in Translation (2003) (history)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) (art)
Sideways (2004) (comedy)
Merchant of Venice (2004) (adaptation)
Sin City (2005) (art)