Friday, June 15, 2007

The underappreciated David Spade

I wasn't watching much Hollywood Minute when David Spade was on SNL, but I think he's actually a brilliant comic. Some of the stuff he says on the Showbiz Show is just so spot-on. His "There I said it" bits are great. I loved his bit last night about how he's so tired of actors complaing about being "typecast" and his American Idol rant on how we should have stars auditioning to stay in the music industry are so spot-on. Some people think he's nothing without Farley, but I disagree. I think some people look at him and see "Joe Dirt" or something like that. Some compare him to Rob Schneider as one of the friends of Adam Sandler who gets their own movies produced by him even though they'd never been greenlit otherwise, but to be honest I even perfer David Spade to Adam Sandler. I think Lost and Found was a pretty decent film and Dickie Roberts was decent. I don't think they're anywhere near the schlock that Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler films like Click and Little Nicky were. I think Farley's good and Spade's good in their seperate ways and they were great together but Spade is a talent too. Dave Spade simultaneously is a lovable loser AND the smart alec who could make you cry in elementary school. On Just Shoot Me, for example, he would never get as many girls or have as much office clout as the photographer going bald, Elliot DeMoro. Yet at the same time, Spade's characters would always get off a deadly verbal jab at his target. There's a certain admiration you can get out of Spade, because he more or less abides by the philosophy that win or lose, at least you still have your sense of humor.

Go to or comedy central to see some of his "There I Said it" pieces