Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AFI's list of films from the last decade

These are the films on AFI's 400 film list that came from the last decade. These, in other words, are the films that have come around since the last release of the list. 1997 films LA Confidential and Titanic were released in 1997 and the list came out in 1998, but were probably not on the original 400. It's an interesting set of choices, except I'm not sure why they picked Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. I think they're missing The Pianist, Master and Commander, the Truman Show, Last Samurai, Munich, Lost in Translation, Seabiscuit, and Mystic River and just like the Oscars, they went overboard by giving every installment of Lord of the Rings a nomination. Chicago vs Moulan Rouge should be interesting, I predict one of those two entries will make it on and it will be Chicago, most likely. Chicago placed 11th or 12th on AFI's recently released list of top 25 musicals, while Moulan Rouge placed 25th.

Also of note:
-Of these 29 films, 15 are best picture Oscar nominees
-8 of these films broke into the Box Office top 10 when they came out
-8 are either a sequel or a film that launched sequels

1 American Beauty
2 Austin Powers
3 Being John Malkovitch
4 Chicago
5 Finding Nemo
6 Gladiator
7 Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkhaban
8 Hotel Rwanda
9 The Hours
10 The Insider
11 LA Confidential
12 Lord of the Rings I
13 Lord of the Rings II
14 Lord of the Rings III
15 Matrix
16 Momento
17 Moulin Rouge!
18 Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
19 Ray
20 Rushmore
21 Saving Private Ryan
22 Shakespeare in Love
23 Shrek
24 Sixth Sense
25 Sideways
26 Spiderman 2
27 There’s Something About Mary
28 Three Kings
29 Titanic