Thursday, June 28, 2007

my top 100

Note: If someone wanted to try to analyze what cinemafusion's online film community's top 100( on what it's contributors voted for (of which I am one), keep on mind, I sent a different list to him, because I based it on different criteria. These are simply my list of most enjoyable films and not films based on importance within the course of film history, cultural impact, and demonstrations of exemplary filmmaking. I factored in films by impact and did vote Citizen Kane as #1 on his list among many other things I did differently. I also did not want my favorite film of all time, Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, a somewhat oddball choice, to greatly skew the results if noone else voted for it, so i bumped it down to #6. I also feel that putting a film like Schindler's List, Citizen Kane or Gone with the Wind on my list does little to really introduce people to interesting choices and they're very generic. I don't have any great passion for Schindler's List, I thought it was obviously a well-made film and a monumental turn for our generation's most relevant director, but i didn't like it that much more than what the general consensus feels it deserved.

This is my top 100. I found myself omitting things like Schindler's List and Citizen Kane simply because everyone knows their great, what's the point. I also didn't add It's a Wonderful Life because I've seen the stage play, not the film, and i haven't seen the film start to finish, but I've seen the film out of order like 100 times, and it was the stage play that moved me so much. Also no films 2004 or later to give them time to age. If i could add films after 2004, my list of films that Ive found to be 4 star quality so far are Anchorman (in a way, Anchorman is 4 star), Aviator, Life Aquatic, Sideways, Spanglish, Fahrenheit 911, Finding Neverland, Ray, New World, Junebug, Walk the Line, Babel, Prestige, Hollywoodland, Departed, Blood Diamond, Prairie Home Companion and Little Miss Sunshine:

50 films ranked:
1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Stephen Spielberg/George Lucas (1989)
2. Touch of Evil, Orson Welles (1958)
3. Chinatown, Roman Polanski (1973)
4. Vertigo, Alfred Hitchkock (1958)
5. Grand Hotel, Edmund Goulding (1932)
6. Rules of the Game, Jean Renoit (fr) (1939)
7. The Apartment, Billy Wilder (1960)
8. Back to the Future, Rob Zemeckis (1985)
9. Apollo 13, Ron Howard (1995)
10. From Here to Eternity, Fred Zimmerman (1953)
11. Star Wars, George Lucas (1977)
12. Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder (1959)
13. City Lights, Charlie Chaplain (1931)
14. Singing in the Rain, Stanley Donen/Gene Kelley (1952)
15. Wild Strawberries, Igmar Bergman (sw) (1957)
16. North by Northwest, Alfred Hitchkock (1962)
17. The Searchers, John Ford (1956)
18. Third Man, Carol Reed (1949)
19. Gods Must be Crazy, Jamie Uys (1981)
20. West Side Story, Jerome Robbins/Rob Wise (1964)
21. City of God, Fernando Meirelles (Br) (2002)
22. Manchurian Candidate, John Frankenheimer (1962)
23. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Frank Capra (1939)
24. American Graffiti, George Lucas (1973)
25. Gladiator, Ridley Scott (2000)
26. Bridge on the River Kwai, David Lean (1958)
27. African Queen, John Huston (1951)
28. Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder (1944)
29. MASH, Rob Altman (1970)
30. The Client, Joel Schumaker (1994)
31. Life is Beautiful, (Sw) Roberto Begnini (1998)
32. Spirit of St. Louis, Billy Wilder (1952)
33. Good Morning Vietnam, Barry Levinson (1987)
34. Ninochtka, Ernst Lubitsch (1939)
35. Ball of Fire, Howard Hawks (1941)
36. High Noon, Fred Zinneman (1952)
37. Duck Soup, Leo McCarey (1942)
38. Dead Poets’ Society, Peter Weir (1989)
39. Wild Bunch, Sam Peckinpaugh (1969)
40. Witness, Peter Weir (1985)
41. Sabetour, Alfred Hitchkock (1943)
42. The Fugitive, Andrew Davis (1993)
43. Big Sleep, Howard Hawks (1946)
44. Wonderboys, Curtis Hanson (2000)
45. Meet Me in St Louis, Vincente Minelli (1944)
46. It Happened One Night, Frank Capra (1935)
47. 12 Angry Men, Sidney Lumet (1957)
48. Paths of Glory, Stanley Kubrick (1957)
49. Gambit, Ronald Neame (1965)
50. Treaure of the Sierra Madre, John Huston (1947)

50 Other Films (unranked):
Film Noir:
Murder, My Sweet, Edward Dymytrick (1946)

Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood (1992)
Stagecoach, John Ford (1939)
McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Rob Altman (1971)

42nd Street, Busby Berkley/Lloyd Bacon (1933)
American in Paris, Vincente Minelli (1951)
Evita, Alan Parker (1996)
Swing Time, George Stephens (1934)

Sports Movies:
Chariots of Fire, Hugh Hudson (1981)
League of their Own, Penny Marshall (1992)
Seabiscuit, Gary Ross (2003)
Mystery Alaska, Jay Roach (1999)

Lifeboat, Alfred Hitchkock (1944)

Screwball Comedy:
Charade, Stanley Donen (1974)

War Films:
3 Kings, David O Russell (1999)
Great Escape, John Sturges (1963)

Classic Comedy:
Safety Last, Harold Lloyd (1923)
Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks (1974)
Monty Python and the Life of Brian, Terry Jones (1973)

Films from the ‘00s:
X-Men 2, Bryan Singer (2003)
Master and Commander, Peter Weir (2003)
Pirates of the Carribean, Gore Verbinski (2003)
Cold Mountain, Anthony Minghellia (2003)
Finding Nemo, Andrew Staunton (2003)
Last Samurai, Ed Zwick (2003)
Road to Perdition, Sam Mendes (2002)
Catch Me If You Can, Stephen Spielberg (2002)
About a Boy, Paul and Chris Weitz (2002)
Ghost World, Terry Zwigloff (2001)
Royal Tannenbaums, Wes Anderson (2001)
Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Joel and Ethan Coen (2000)
Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe (2000)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee (Ch) (2000)
You Can Count on Me, Kenneth Longorean (2000)
Gangs of New York, Martin Scorsesee (2002)

Cider House Rules, Lasse Holstrom (1999)
Goodfellas, Martin Scorsesee (1990)
Rain Man, Barry Levinson (1988)
Man Who Would be King, John Huston (1975)
On Golden Pond, Mark Rydell (1981)
Mississippi Burning, Alan Parker (1988)
Quiz Show, Robert Redford (1994)
October Sky, Joe Johnston (1999)
To Kill a Mockingbird, Robert Mulligan (1962)
Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton (1962)
Salt of the Earth, Herman Biberman (1954)
Brazil, Terry Gilliam (1986)
Key Largo, John Huston (1948)
Judgement at Nuremberg, Stanley Kramer (1961)
25th Hour, Spike Lee (2002)
Scent of a Woman (1992)
Forrest Gump, Rob Zemeckis (1994)
Thief of Baghdad, Douglas Fairbanks (1924)
Network, Sidney Lumet (1976)