Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If you had to bet money on the 6th nominee....

If you had to bet money on what the 6th nominee was of each Oscar race over the last few years, who would you chose. My picks below:

6th Nominees:


Picture: Dreamgirls

Director: Bill Condon, Dreamgirls

Actor: Sasha Baron Cohen, Borat

Actress: Maggie Gyllenhall, Sherrybaby

S. Actor: Brad Pitt, Babel

S. Actress: Emily Blunt, Devil Wears Prada

O. Screenplay: Zach Helm, Stranger than Fiction

A. Screenplay: Paul Haggis & William Broyles Jr, Flags of Our Fathers


Picture: Walk the Line

Director: Fernando Meirelles, Constant Gardener

Actor: Russell Crowe, Cinderella Man

Actress: Zhang Zhiyi, Memoirs of a Giesha

S. Actor: Don Cheadle, Crash

S. Actress: Scarlett Johannson, Match Point

O. Screenplay: Thomas Bezucha, The Family Stone

A. Screenplay: Deborah Moggach, Pride and Prejudice


Picture: Hotel Rwanda

Director: Marc Forrester, Finding Neverland

Actor: Liam Niesson, Kinsey

Actress: Uma Thurman, Kill Bill Vol. 2

S. Actor: Peter Sargasaard, Kinsey

S. Actress: Meryl Streep, Manchurian Candidate

O. Screenplay: Taylor Hackford & James L. White, Ray

A. Screenplay: Patrick Marber, Closer


Picture: Cold Mountain

Director: Anthony Minghellia, Cold Mountain

Actor: Russell Crowe, Master and Commander

Actress: Jennifer Connelly, House of Sand and Fog

S. Actor: Albert Finney, Big Fish

S. Actress: Scarlett Johannson, Lost in Translation

O. Screenplay: John Logan, The Last Samurai

A. Screenplay: Patrick O’Brien & Peter Weir, Master and Commander


Picture: Far From Heaven

Director: Alexander Payne, About Schmidt

Actor: Richard Gere, Chicago

Actress: Maggie Gyllenhall, The Seceretary

Supp. Actor: Dennis Quaid, Far From Heaven

Supp. Actress: Edie Falco, Sunshine State

O. Screenplay: David Benioff, 25th Hour

A. Screenplay: Chris Hampton and Robert Schenkman, The Quiet American


Picture: Black Hawk Down

Director: Todd Fields, In the Bedroom

Actor: Gene Hackman, Royal Tannenbaums

Actress: Naiomi Watts, Mullholland Drive

Supp. Actor: Jude Law, A.I.

Supp. Actress: Gwenyth Paltrow, Royal Tannenbaums

O. Screenplay: David Lynch, Mullholland Drive

A. Screenplay. Ken Nolan, Black Hawk Down


Picture: Almost Famous

Director: Joel and Ethan Coen, Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Actor: Michael Douglas, Wonderboys

Actress: Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Supp. Actor: Gary Oldman, The Contender

Supp. Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Traffic

O. Screenplay: Rod Lurie, The Contender

A. Screenplay: David Self, 13 Days


Picture: Talented Mr. Ripley

Director: Anthony Minghellia, Talented Mr. Ripley

Actor: Matt Damon, Talented Mr. Ripley

Actress: Reese Whitherspoon, Election

Supp. Actor: Al Pacino, The Insider

Supp. Actress: Cameron Diaz, Being John Malkovitch

O. Screenplay: Woody Allen, Sweet and Lowdown

A. Screenplay: John Roach and Mark Sweeney, The Straight Story


Anonymous said...

For this year...

Best Picture: Dreamgirls
Best Director: Bill Condon, Dreamgirls
Best Actor: Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat
Best Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal, SherryBaby
Best Supp. Actor: Jack Nicholson, The Departed
Best Supp. Actress: Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada
Best Original Screenplay: Stranger Than Fiction
Best Adapted Screenplay: Devil Wears Prada

Edward Copeland said...

Picture: Dreamgirls
Director: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine)
Actor: Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat)
Actress: Annette Bening (Running With Scissors)
S. Actor: Jack Nicholson (The Departed)
S. Actress: Catherine O'Hara (For Your Consideration)
O. Screenplay: Volver
A. Screenplay: Thank You for Smoking

Picture: Walk the Line
Actor: Russell Crowe (Cinderella Man)
Actress: Ziyi Zhang (Memoirs of a Geisha)
S. Actor: Bob Hoskins (Mrs. Henderson Presents)
S. Actress: Maria Bello (A History of Violence)
Director: David Cronenberg (A History of Violence)
O. Screenplay: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
A. Screenplay: Memoirs of a Geisha

Picture: Hotel Rwanda
Actor: Paul Giamatti (Sideways)
Actress: Uma Thurman (Kill Bill Vol.2 )
S. Actor: David Carradine (Kill Bill Vol. 2)
S. Actress: ?
Director: Terry George (Hotel Rwanda)
A. Screenplay: Closer
O. Screenplay: Maria Full of Grace

Picture: Cold Mountain
Actor: ?
Actress: Scarlett Johannson (Lost in Translation)
S. Actor: Bill Nighy (Love, Actually)
S. Actress: Laura Linney (Mystic River)
Director: Gary Ross(Seabiscuit)
O. Screenplay: A Mighty Wind
A. Screenplay: Cold Mountain

Picture: Far from Heaven
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (Catch Me If You Can)
Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Secretary)
S. Actor: Dennis Quaid (Far From Heaven)
S. Actress: Meryl Streep (The Hours)
Director: Todd Haynes (far From Heaven)
O. Screenplay: ?
A. Screenplay: About Schmidt

I may finish the others later