Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Review of Hollywood Homicide (2003)

Homicide starts out slow but once you catch on, you'll see it's not an ordinary buddy cop movie. In contrast to the movies and TV shows we see way too often with mismatched cops who take their jobs way too seriously to provide good entertainment (Training Day, Showtime, Narc, Recruit, Third Watch, NYPD Blue, etc), this film is about two cops who are good at what they do but couldn't care less. Set in a city where everyone aspires to be something other than what they are, Josh Hartnett's K.C. Calden wants to be an actor while Harrison Ford's Joe Gavilan would rather be in real estate. Tied into the title, this premise cleverly pokes fun at its subjects' lives and subtly provides some genuine humor. Ford plays his role with far less intensity than you'd expect. Some might think he's sleepwalking through the script, and you can't deny that he doesn't put much effort to act like anyone other than himself, but the bottom line, is that a lazy Harrison Ford is fun to watch irreguardless.

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