Sunday, February 04, 2007

Digging up Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty's past

The last week, I've been going to the Central Library of Arlington, VA and looking up stuff in the Virginia Room (which is their county archives), for a sort of study project, and while I was there, i just thought, what the hell, I'll look up info on Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine because i heard they were from my hometown of Arlington.

Evidently, I found out the answer to one mystery, why they had two different last names: Shirley MacLaine is really Shirley MacLaine Beatty as in MacLaine (i might have spelt that wrong but i don't care) is her middle name.

Warren Beatty changed his name legally to Warren Beatty to give it a different pronunciation which is obnoxious.

Anyways, the two were pretty close growing up and they were big troublemakers in there pre-adolescence, i found out. Their dad was a principal of an Arlington middle school and he was a little ashamed of their antics. They would evidently lie on the street and stop traffic and play neighborhood pranks like that.

Shirley was a cheerleader at W-L and went to Broadway the summer before her senior year where she had bit roles. The next summer after graduation she went back to Broadway and landed a role in the Pajama Game that got her discovered by Alfred Hitchcock and landed her a role in The Trouble with Harry, and she did all that within one year of her high school graduation.

Beatty was a star football player in high school. His high school yearbook pictures are a lot more funny to look at than his sister's because he has this crew cut and stuff. He was also his senior year class president.

He got into the theater the summer before his senior year when his sister recommended he do it as a stagehand at the national theater in D.C. He was a rally good football player in high school and turned down something like 10 scholarship offers to study acting at Northwestern U.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to take the time to put up something interesting like this, why doesn't it matter whether or not you spell something correctly? It's so easy to find out. If you had dug a little deeper, you could actually have found the street address of the house where Warren Beatty and his sister grew up and see what it looks like today. It looks very much the same all these years later.

OKonheim said...

I actually knew the street and the block. It's N Liberty off of Wilson, the first block. I just didn't think it interested anyone who wasn't from Arlington, I guess.

Fátima said...

Sandra bullock went to the same school in Arlington than warren beatty and shirley, Washington lee high school