Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An open letter to Hillary Duff

"Los Angeles (E! Online) – Making fun of Faye Dunaway's looks wasn't enough for Hilary Duff—she's still peeved at the aging actress.

Quick feud recap (because there are too many to keep track of anymore): Hilary is starring in a Bonnie and Clyde remake. This caused Dunaway to allegedly cackle, ''Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" which got the Duffster in such a huff, she lashed out to E!'s Daily 10, "I might be mad if I looked like that now, too."

Seems pretty straightforward and done with, but Hilary's still got more to say about the matter on today's Bonnie Hunt Show.

See, Duff says Dunaway can't judge her, because the Lizzie McGuire star is still growing. "She started acting way later than I did, so I think I have time to grow—and grow with each project. I am learning and work hard at my craft," Hilary explains to Bonnie. Being the kind hostess, Bonnie offers up some comfort: "I think even Faye went through a time, if you look historically, where some people might have said that about her. She has great beauty, but she proved herself."

Then Hilary admits her D10 comments were kind of mean, but whatevs: "It's not OK for people to take stabs at you and to say mean things for no reason." And now we wait to see if this thing is really and truly over...or if another Faye Dunaway zinger is on its way."

Actually, no, Hillary, you don't get a pass to act like a bitch while you're working on your craft. You basically dismissed someone who's starred in three films that are universally considered among the best ever made: Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde, and Network. You've made zero films that have been memorable over your whole career (I'll admit to liking Cheaper by the Dozen but most people including myself felt you were a distraction and error in casting in that film). The only reason you're in movies is because you're a product of the Disney corporation and they are putting you on the big screen as a means of cross-promotion for you on the little screen. If you ever make it to the big screen on a rare occasion when Disney isn't fighting tooth and nail for you, it would be through pure chance and no one's rooting for a commercialized Disney creation like you to get there. Also, you being a bitch doesn't make me want to root for your career any more.

Here is your list of unforgivable sins:

1. You made fun of Faye Dunaway's looks because she's old. Haven't you lashed out at the media for holding women to an idealized vision of beauty and haven't you publicly expressed displeasure off at US Magazine for devoting entire articles to your weight gain? Well, no more will I take your side for that.

2. You act as though Dunaway's career is irrelevant to you because she doesn't fit into your MTV-ized view that culture is only relevant if it's occurring in the here-and-now. Whether you chose to watch films released more than ten years ago or not, Dunaway is a part of film history and you are not. If starring in movies isn't just an excuse to promote generic pop tunes and whatever it is you do or did for the Disney channel, and you are in fact serious about your craft, you don't show it very well by not being aware of these things. Besides, considering that by 2019, you'll probably be completely forgotten to the next class of teeny boppers starring in movies, you might want to promote an appreciation of films older than 10 years old, so you can still latch onto whatever fame you have now

3. You're apology is only a half-apology. You accuse Dunaway of being mean to you which you don't approve of.


PIPER said...

You had me in your first reason. Dunaway has certainly earned the right to make comments about a) a remake and b) who is remaking her character.

And it's not wrong of her to wish it was somebody who had the chops to do a good job.

Hillary Duff? Really?

zooplah said...

I agree with Dunaway, and Duff really showed her lack of class and professionalism.