Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Amazon.com widget installed!/Let's please save the media

Good news subscribers: I have completed my amazon.com widget that I have been working on, in which I recommend some of the best films I have seen, many of which coincide with films that have been nominated for and won Oscars or films named by FilmFour Magazine, the British Film Institute, or American Film Institute as the 100 greatest films of all time. They're films that I think will be enjoyable to watch, insightful and hopefully will push you out of your comfort zone. I've also included brief synopses as well. Now you can directly buy films without the hassle.

I will divide these lists into current and older films. Don't be shy about trying out an older film (because that's all I have up at the moment). It would give you a great opportunity for conversation with an old person! My dad and I for example, have bonded over the fact that I've watched so many of his childhood favorites. Spend, spend, spend! Obama (and McCain) say circulate the dollar!

Since, I'm using up a post here, I'll write about a topic. Everywhere around me, I see signs that the newspaper and magazine industry is falling down and that's a shame because I was hoping to eventually be a part of it. I state elsewhere, why print media is so great (it's made by professionals, it contains just the right amount of space, it's mobile, it supports the craft, it directs you to knowledge you might not have known existed, etc).

Perhaps, we need philanthropy at this point. About two years ago, my favorite movie-related magazine, Premiere, folded. If I had known that the magazine was in danger of folding, I would have bought every issue out of a need to see it be kept alive. If I was a little wealthier, I might have even just flat-out donated them money. As it stood, I bought the monthly magazine Premeire about 5 times a year. I also saw Mad was being reduced to a 3 times a year magazine and having layoffs. That's tragic, wow. I discovered Mad Magazine when I was about 21, and have bought way too many issues, although my buying declined in the last year or two. I would have gladly bought more issues, however in the last year, if I knew they were in danger of closing.

They recently tripled their stock, having a kid's magazine version and a classics version. Their content is pretty well-guarded so it's hard to obtain the older issues. I love the movie parodies best, the year-end issue, and the political parodies and I don't know how they could keep the same quantity of movies that need to be spoofed if it was reduced to four times a year. At least make it a bimonthly publication.

On a side note, if I could plug something here, Andrew Keen's book "Cult of the Amateur" warns of the various consequences of new media, and it's all so so so very true.

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