Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have a new writing job!

Thanks to my blogging efforts, I have a new job, I will be the DC Film Industry Analyst for The Examiner. Here is my inagural entry, right here.

Please click on that, if nothing else, because I get revenue through clicks.

Here are some other links, I found that I've starred through google reader. There is nothing I was triyng to promote, I just found them all to be interesting articles:

Too often the Oscars are about films that make it to the big stage and discard the ones that don't. Here is a list of underappreciated films:

The question is who would you chose to have breakfast with after the Oscars. I think I'd probably go with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon because they seemed so freaking excited. On the flipside, we could go with Alexander Payne (writer), or actors George C Scott or Alan Arkin who claim that winning an award means virtually nothing to them, to see how lackadaisical they are about it. Perhaps, Robin Williams because he'd always be fun to be around, or Robert De Niro because he's fascinatingly quiet and awkward in real life:

This critic found Doubt funny:

This was an interesting article about how every best picture Oscar campaign is seeking to dig up dirt on the other contenders:

Someone attempts to defend M. Night Shamylan. Good for him. I've watched 2 M. Night Shamylan films. I saw Lady in the Water and liked it. I didn't have a basis for comparison so the "not as good as his other films" argument held no water for me. I felt Lady in the Water was extremely imaginative even if it was filled with lots of plot holes. You had to simply watch it differently. The Happening, on the other hand, was disastrously awful:

Non-movie related: This is a weekly column by Fidel Castro that shows off his philosophical and scholarly side. I was unaware he had these:

A good summary on the best picture nominees:

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