Friday, April 06, 2007

TV Review: Las Vegas as an example of wish fulfillment

Just for the record i wrote this in early 2005:

Las Vegas can rival Charlie's Angels or Loveboat as highly bankable guilty pleasures. The show this season has embarrassed itself more than last season and I don't seem to mind because of the general fun of the Las Vegas atmosphere, the zoom cams, the guest stars, and the sex appeal, I'm personally attracted to Vanessa Marcill, and between her and her three female costars, i'm sure every guy will find some piece of eye candy they like, so first off, the casting is so effecient at trimming down to the bare essentials, the casting call probably looked like this: New Sitcom casting call, we're looking for: 1. 4 Hot girls 2. 1 Hot guy 3. 1 Token black guy, with a lot of blackness 4. One notorious tough guy, who's recognizeable from the movies I mean, seriously, is there any difference between the 4 girls, they're all hot and they all have some sort of sexual tension with Danny in one form or another. They all seem to have perfectly balanced boundaries of sexuality between guys they're attracted to and not attracted to.

An episode I saw recently had them stranded in the desert and Clint Black, or some country star I don't remember, found them in the middle of nowhere, rescued them, lent them all five-star hotel bathrobes, and played them all music. How the incident was completely devoid of sexuality struck me, the girls were rescued by him, but just wanted to hear his music, didn't repay him in any way, and the country music stars were happy to oblige. What's odd is that the country music stars weren't at all attracted to them at any way, only the people they want the attention from are attracted to them. I think it's the concept of fantasy role models, girls watching Las Vegas want to be those girls, looking good without getting the unwanted side effects of the unnecessary attention.

One other humongous guilty pleasure episode, where any semblance of consistency in character development went out the window, and we were probably OK with it, was when the Black Eyed Peas guest-starred. I mean, this guy was introduced to us last year as a CIA stiff, how embarrassing would it be for that guy they introduced last year for him to exchange "wazuup" greetings with hip-hop artists, and bounce up and down to their music. And of course, for Belinda, Ed's daughter, she was best friends with the members in the group? Yeah, where did that come from?


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