Thursday, April 05, 2007

Musical Parody III: Singing in the Rain

Here's a guide to the subtext of the musical numbers of Singing in the Rain:
Fit as a Fiddle:
Cosmo and Don: We're two sexually verile men coming up through the industry. Lock up your daughters

All I Do is Dream of You:
Girls: We're naughty girls. As naughty as the Breen Code will allow us to be. Hopefully we'll get better jobs, someday.

Make'em Laugh:
Cosmo: Don, you've gotta sell out. High art is overrated. Take this movie. It probably won't win any oscars, but audiences will eat it up.
The Academy: Right, you are. This film is crap. We won't even nominate it.
The American Film Institute years later: On the contrary, this picture is brilliant. We'll put it #10 on our best pictures list.
Other film critics' organizations: Yes, we love it too.
Cosmo: See my point?

Beautiful Girl:
Singer: I sing well, but I'm old school and soon to be replaced by hipper and more current guys like Gene Kelly over there.

You Were Meant for Me:
Kathy: I like you, Don.
Don Lockwood: Aw shucks, I feel the same way about you too Kathy. But I'm so shy (but not really, based on all my other scenes) that I don't know how to say that outside the confines of a movie set.

Moses Supposes:
Voice Teacher: Ok, pupils, let's go over our pronounciation.
Don Lockwood: How about we don't and say we did.
Voice Teacher: Excuse me?
Don Lockwood: You heard me, old man. I don't need your stupid voice lessons. I'm Gene Kelly and all the ladies love me.
Cosmo: And I'm Donald O'Connor and I'm funny as hell.
Don Lockwood: Yeah, that's right. We don't need you. Now get the hell out of here before I bury you under a pile of your own teaching implements.

Singing in the Rain:
Don Lockwood: I'm so happy. I'm so in love with Kathy, I don't feel the need to tap dance with my usual technical precision to prove to the world how great I am. I'm just going to jump around in puddles. Weee!

Good Morning:
Kathy and Don: We're so happy because not only are we physically compatible, but we also work well together professionally. We're so in love. Being in love is great!
Cosmo: What about me? I feel like a third wheel.
Don: Oh, don't worry, you're the comic relief, and that's just as important. Besides, by being on our side, you're bound to have a happier ending than Lina Lamont.
Cosmo: Good point. Let's sing and dance.

Would You:
Kathy Seldom: Once again, I'm Debbie Reynolds and I can sing.

Broadway Rhythm:
MGM Musical Director Arthur Freed: Just in case people aren't really liking this picture, we'll throw in a long ballet number like the one that won American in Paris the Academy Award last year.
Gene Kelly: Sounds good to me. I'm an attention-whore so if people are staring at me for 14 straight minutes, I can't complain.
Arthur Freed: Also, this film is self-referential. We want to pay a homage to the broadway roots of the musical.
Broadway: That sounds confusing but thanks

You Are My Lucky Star:
Don Lockwood: Sorry, I was an idiot. Maybe, if I jump back into movie musical mode and sing a little bit, you'll forgive me?
Kathy Seldom: Wow Gene, you're finally singing in tune! I'm impressed! Of course, I forgive you.

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