Sunday, April 01, 2007

My opinions on the Alberto Gonzales trial

I'm not Mr. Politics and am not a political expert, but i felt somewhat strongly on this, and wanted to hear other people's opinions. If I'm wrong, i wouldn't mind that either and than I could learn:

I am against Bush's policies and am generally anti-Bush but i don't believe we should fire Alberto Gonzales because i don't think someone's employment should be taken away from them without due process. Just like I trusted that eventually the American people would come see the light and eventually elect a democratic majority in an orderly way, I think Congress or whomever is in charge of the proceedings will do their job well and i don't see the need for the Press or people like you to call the shots.

I also think, more importantly, firing Gonzales will solve our problems. The administration has the same corrupt guys at the top: Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, and Bush. Progress was made when we eliminated Rumsfeld. Eliminating guys below Cheney or Bush won't do anything. I just see it as more wrong to encourage the administration to set someone up like Scooter Libby or Alberto Gonzales to be a fall guy. Without knowing too much, it seems obvious Gonzales is acting on behalf of Bush. He's not doing anything self-serving. He's not firing justices who don't agree with his way of thinking, but rather firing justices who don't agree with his superior's way of thinking, so I think he's responding to pressure his superiors. And, honestly, do you think the country wants to go through an impeachment trial and remove a president? If you want to fine, but if you're unwilling to face the instability caused by removing a president from office, then let it go at that, and don't just pick on the fall guy. I imagine that's what they want.

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