Wednesday, December 27, 2006

actor matches from yesteryear to today

This was in response to a USA Today article asking users
who they would pick as the modern day equivalent of certain stars:

Dick Powell-Ewan MaGregor: Both can sing and dance and play
young heart throbs, and they also took on a dramatic role in 
Murder, My Sweet and Star Wars, respectively
Robert Mitchum-William DeFoe: Flexible range, can play 
jaded, dark characters
John Wayne-Robert DuVall-In their later stages in their 
career, seen as the top cowboy in tinseltown (Few people 
forget that John Wayne was originally turned down for 
Stagecoach for Gary Cooper and was seen as a B-movie actor 
in the 30s)
Rudolph Valentino-Antonio Banderas: The Latin Lovers
Jane Fonda-Madonna: Both sing, both have remained icons of 
their generations and have generated controvoursey, both 
have passions linked to other countries, Madonna with 
Argentina in Evita, and Hanoi for issues surrounding 
Vietnam, Hanoi Jane
Audrey Hepburn-Mischa Barton/Brittney Murphy: An Audrey 
Hepburn clone comes along every two years, just about, 
Hepburn was very cute and also had a lot of grace and 
sophistication to her. Jennifer Love Hewitt or Brittney 
Murphy are people I would’ve seen in those roles, and I’d 
still see Brittney Murphy in that role, but I think the next 
one to come along as current TV actress Mischa Barton, she’s 
captivating in the OC and the way she dresses when she goes 
to interviews shows a European sophistication about her
Sidney Poitier-Don Cheadle: Black actors, selective of their 
roles, committed to breaking new ground and play pretty much 
all drama forgoing lighthearted comedies. Cheadle’s 
intensity and devotion to Hotel Rwanda raises him to Sidney 
Poitier’s bar
Judy Garland-Emma Rossum: Phantom of the Opera star is 
young, has a naïve and innocent stage persona and has the 
chops to match
Faye Dunaway-Susan Sorandon: Could play sexy in her younger 
days, in her older days brings a commanding authority to all 
her roles (aka Network for Dunaway, Client for Sorandon)
Orson Welles-Sean Penn: Genius is impossible to deny by 
everyone, but seen as an outsider and difficult
Marlene Dietrich-Catherine Zeta-Jones: Foreign allure, very 
Clark Gable-Harrison Ford: Men of good character, steel 
resolve, both play heroes, Gable’s “Frankly my dear, I don’t 
give a damn” is something I could see Indiana Jones saying 
as he rescues Kate Capshaw from a burning temple while she’s 
complaining about her hair getting wet or something like that
Jimmy Stewart-Tobey MaGuire: Wide-eyed young-at-heart boys 
who can be strong when it counts (Mr. Smith Goes to 
Washington for Stewart, Spiderman for Tobey)
Diana Rigg-Jennifer Garner: Brittish avengers star was a 
beauty but also a tough girl
Barbara Stanwyck-Maria Bello/Marrisa Thomei: Brooklynite 
brashness to them, can be manipulative but usually straight-
up honest, endearing underneath it all
Henry Fonda-Tom Hanks: Quintissential good guy and barometer 
of American character. Hanks’ love of American history 
manifests itself in which projects he choses (Saving Private 
Ryan, Apollo 13), Fonda belief in the goodness of American 
values manifested itself in 12 Angry Men and My Darling 
Clementine among others
Katherine Hepburn-Merryl Streep: Versatile women who are 
respected for their craft above anyone of their generation

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