Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye Parks and Recreation

Happy Final Four everybody. Check out this article I wrote on the Rick Pitino controversy as well as the even more significant adventure wherein I try tackling a youtube violator. Click these links PLEASE

I stopped watching Parks and Rec for now because it's simply ridiculous that Anne and Tom could be paired romantically.

In real life, a woman who displays that little interest in you for that many years and is even a little turned off by you is someone you shouldn't pursue. Yes, I'm all for the idea of seeing that annoyance with someone who gets under your skin turn into mutual attraction (in fiction and in real life) but Anne never showed anything but mild disinterest in Tom this whole time.

Pair Tom with anyone but Anne is one of those unspoken contracts I've established with P & R for my allegiance to the show and they broke that cardinal rule.

Besides, aren't Greg Daniels' series supposed to rely on realism?

I feel like they pair up Anne with guys just to give her something to do and none of her three relationships have had any chemistry whatsoever. The first relationship with Andy worked for the audience because it was bad but it was supposed to be bad. Her second pairing with Mark (is that his name? He was the most forgettable character on any NBC sitcom in history) was painful to watch.  Anne plays a valuable role as Leslie's confidante and a contrasting outsider to city government.

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