Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall Schedule I'm settling on

I do this every year:
Monday: Castle-I think I'm going to with this after a search for another drama or two in my schedule. I looked at Fringe and some HBO shows but decided that because this is on cable and I don't have to pay through the roof to watch it, it will suffice. I like the chemistry between the stars and it held my attention better than Fringe.

Tuesday: Glee-I liked this show plenty last year. Issues about its annoying lack of consistency from episode or even within each episode linger, but it's good imperfect escapist fun. Looking forward to seeing more guest stars and more Michael Chang this year.

*Raising Hope-I defended it as one of four new shows with promise in my last blog post, but lately I don't see it as going anywhere significant like My Name is Earl did. After three episodes, I feel like most of the will-they-or-won't-they drama between Sabrina and the protagonist has run dry and a lottery winner who interacts with different parts of the community every week has much more to it than a show about a guy raising a baby. I don't see an ever-expanding universe of quirky characters (i.e. Norm McDonald, Giovanni Ribisi, Mike O'Malley, Jon Rappaport, Katherine Kinney, Alyssa Milano, Burt Reynolds, Clint Howard, etc.) and I don't see many interesting plots they can pull out of this. That being said, I'll give this show a little more of a chance and I might find myself watching this because it's between Glee and Running Wilde and I don't feel like leaving the TV for a half hour.

Running Wilde-Running Wilde has improved greatly between the first and third episodes and is starting to look like a promising entrant on my top ten list. Disturbingly, the negative reviews are getting increasingly worse.

No Ordinary Family-I still intend to give this show a chance. It's on the same time as Glee so I'll have to watch it on itunes/hulu.

Wednesday: Modern Family-Definitely becoming a favorite

Thursday: Community-30 Rock-Office-Outsourcing-I'm in for the penny, in for the pound on these four.

#@%*) My Dad Says-I'm liking it for the dialogue

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Saturday: SNL-So far so good. I have an increased interest in this show just for the sake of distinguishing the cast members from each other alone

Sunday: Family Guy/American Dad

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