Friday, July 23, 2010

How easy it is to be hated as an internet writer

I recently rewrote one of my lower posts and attached it to create an article:

Over the course of the article, I made about 27 allegations/assumptions/opinions:
1. That Tom Cruise used to be popular
2. That most people attribute the decline of Cruise’s career to Oprah-gate and scientology
3. That Cruise’s Tropic Thunder cameo was a positive step for him
That he got by on being on 4) a winning smile 5) being youthful and 6) energetic for 25 years
7. That today’s audiences might see him differently if they had a reminder that he was talented
8-10. That George Chakiris, Roberto Benigni and Cuba Gooding Jr. are all acceptable examples of “duds”
11-13. That Tom Cruise stood an incredibly good chance at winning in all three of his noms
14. That Tom Cruise’s performance was similar to Voight’s for coming home
15. That Tom Cruise’s performance remains one of Olive Stone’s more realized characters
16-17. That the academy implicitly decided that Marlon Brando and Dustin Hoffman weren’t awarded an Oscar because it was too early in their careers
18. That Tom Cruise’s case fits that mold
19. That Jerry Maguire used Cruise’s manic energy to the fullest and that audiences loved it
20. That Cruise’s winning of prizes before the Oscars (some of which were for best actor in a comedy or musical) meant he stood a good chance at an Oscar
21. That Cruise’s performance propelled Jerry MaGuire to a best picture nomination and that the picture wasn’t worthy on its merits alone
22. That Rush’s role in Shine was Oscar-bait
23. That the ceremony wasn’t as memorable because Cruise didn’t win an Oscar
24. That in the 1999-2000 Oscar season, Cruise was up against a weak field
25. That Cruise wasn’t necessarily the best part of Magnolia
26. That Jude Law wasn’t the best part of his own film
27. That Michael Caine’s Oscar was less about his performance in that single film and more about being a consummate and prolific actor in his old age

I'd say if someone disagrees with just a couple of those points, that's pretty good, but people tend to voice all those disagreements quite often.

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