Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayzee dies with advance notice

Tragically, Patrick Swayzee died yesterday. I have more or less known Patrick Swayzee as the guy who looks kind of like Christian Slater and Kurt Russell and have never seen a single film of his.

If you wish to revoke my license to write about films, so be it. I am embarrassed to say that but it's true.

Nonetheless, my condolences do go out to Patrick Swayzee fans for the relatively young man (only 57) who was able to make the transition from young heartthrob to working adult actor quite well.

What I think is interesting is that anyone who was closely paying attention could have known that Swayzee was going to die very soon. I heard a report on the radio that the National Inquirer reported a week ago that said that Swayzee left the hospital where he was being treated for pancreatic cancer because he didn't want to die in a hospital bed. The Swayzee camp didn't confirm it but they didn't deny it either which they would have usually done.

I think this makes it interesting because rather than mourn the man, his fans had at least a few days before his passing to express his condolences and newspapers might have even published this news story before the man passes away so that for once we could have this celebration of a celebrity's life before it's too late.

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