Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cool Web Sites on my GoogleReader

Recommended from my google reader:

Of course, let's start everything by clicking here where I get my revenue (I don't get revenue from this site).

Also, I wrote an article on best websites of 2008 for helium that ranks #1 (

Here in Idaho ( and Que Sera Sera ( pair of female comedians. One is a humor writer and one does stand-up and brilliant impressions of Sarah Palin that go on youtube. Benincasa also had a humorous series on choosing a religion. Here-In-Idaho's recent posts have included minutes of the hobo quarterly clown meeting as well as numbers from Geometry the Musical

Indecision 2008 (off Comedy central's site)-The comedy central blog that I believe was run by the Daily Show staff, still has snarky pieces on politics that are pretty funny. Includes a lot of clips to the Colbert Report and Daily Show

Atomic Gadfly ( guy who writes in detail about movies inspired by comic books. He has a lot of posts, for example, on who should be the next Batman villain.

Lifehackers - Tips for saving time in your busy day and simplifying life now that the internet has sort of made things more complicated

The Film Doctor ( excellent analysis of film from someone who I believe takes a feminist perspective (I believe the author is a male, however0

Confessions of a Film Critic ( and The ( Both these sites are really good for straight-up reviews.

Film Experience ( incredibly prolific guy, Nathaniel Pfiffer, who runs one of the best Oscar-centered sites on the internet.

A.V. Club ( 4 Features that are pretty cool:
1. The Hater-Ironically, this is another female comedienne (maybe women are funnier with the pen). She is hillarious if a little pessimistic.
2. Inventory-Some pretty well-drawn out lists
3. TV Reviews-They review most of the hist shows on TV episode-by-episode. Reading TV reviews is more of an immediate experience than movie reviews.
4. Random Roles-Usually appearing on the press circuit to plug their latest project, actors usually are only talking about the here and now when they're being interviewed. This interview format has the interviewer picking selective items in their filmography and inviting the interviewee (usually an actor) to just comment on it.

Moral of the Story-The Ethicist's Randy Cohen who writes for the New York Times and tackles a bunch of reader questions and current events issues and argues the ethics of it. I don't know that there's a solid answer of right and wrong on matters but somehow he seems to make sense. He's looked at whether people have the right to post anonymously, whether Dave Letterman should have apologized to Sarah Palin, whether golf is a sport of the people, whether

The Movie Critics ( two movie critics from Entertainment Weekly write some pretty insightful angles on films. They leave the movie reviews in the paper and write more interesting stuff on the blog. A very good use of when a blog can be about writing something extra beyond the print edition.

Deadspin ( news with a twist. The articles generally expose athletes' shallowness and faults rather than putting them up on a pedestal.

Stuff White People Like ( don't read it as much. I think it's hayday was clearly last year. It looks at present day culture and analyzes it as if an anthropologist were looking at it.

The Official Cracked Blog ('s brilliant articles aren't available on google reader's feeds, but the blog is. A writer named Dan O'Brien writes outlandish love letters to people like Kristen Wiig, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Palin that you have to see to believe as well. Dan O'Brien also writes outlandish stories inserting himself onto the crew of the USS Enterprise and at Hogwarts. He also has another series of articles where he pretends he's a famous rapper and takes responsiblity for mismentoring Shaq and Kanye West among others.. Other hillarious articles are instructions on "punching Oasis in the face," psychological disorders of 10 video game characters, a book review of the holy bible, an imagined set of e-mails between Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, the imagined first drafts of Indiana Jones and Transformers 2, an interview with Obama and McCain in the year 2012, and an imagined Joaquin Pheonix diary. In short, this is just really creative stuff.

Washington Post Metro and Washington Post DC Sports Bog-Written by Dan Steinberg for the Washington Post, firsthand accounts of the local sports scene. I also subscribe to Washington Post Metro.

Mark Cuban's blog ( and The Great Seduction ( Cuban has a lot of insight on the survival of media in the changing face of technology. Similarly, Andrew Keen is someone I consider one of the smartest people on the planet for his views on the negative effects on Web 2.0.

Ball Don't Lie and Fourth Place Medal (available off yahoo sports)-The former is about the NBA and the latter is about Olympic Sports. Both are excellent sources. The NBA blog regularly links to the best NBA articles around the web.


FilmDr said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sophomore Critic. Yes, I'm a guy and I do tend to lean toward feminist perspectives when a film rewards that line of analysis.

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