Thursday, January 29, 2009

The funnest thing I've ever seen by Dennis Leary

I've always wanted stars to be THIS HONEST. Unfortunately, studio PR people prevent stars from being anything but positive about their projects. If not millions of dollars could be lost, even on DVD residuals.

Also, a note to my subscribers, I'm going to mix my fanbase up by introducing the blog to new people and since the blogger settings only let me put 10 email addresses max, i'm going to put in some new email adresses and introduce new people to my blog. so you won't be gettingmy emails, but i'll still keep writing stuff, so check it out here.

Since this post, consists of links only, let me through in some more of my articles frm
Do I agree with the AFI top ten movie list of all time?

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Best track and field athletes in history (I'm a track and field junkee):

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