Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 Director's Progress Report

In the last calender year, I have seen the following leftovers from 2007 that enhanced my director count:
1 Mike Nicholls film-Charlie Wilson's War
1 Lasse Hollstrom film-The Hoax
1 Curtis Hanson film-Lucky You

I've seen the following films in theaters which further enhanced my director count:
1 Clint Eastwood film-Gran Torino
1 Bryan Singer film-Valkyrie
1 Coen Brothers film-Burn After Reading
1 Peter Segal film-Get Smart
1 Stephen Spielberg film-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

And I plan on seeing this afternoon:
1 Ron Howard-Frost/Nixon

In addition, I watched on video or TV:
1 Martin Scorsesee film-Gangs of New York
3 Mike Nicholls films-Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff, Postcards from the Edge, and Charlie Wilson's War
1 Brett Rattner film-Red Dragon
1 Johnothan Demme film-Melvin and Howard
1 Rob Reiner film-Alex and Emma (don't ask, I'm as embarrassed about it as I can be)
1 Penny Marshall film-Awakenings
2 Rob Altman films-California Split and Buffalo Bill
1 Terry Gilliam film-The Fisher King
1 Howard Hawks film-Rio Bravo
1 Tom Shadyac film-Patch Adams
1 Woody Allen film-Sleeper
1 Robert Wise film-The Day the Earth Stood Still
1 Steve Soderbergh film- Ocean's 13

Bringing my total to:
18 Alfred Hitchkock
13 Stephen Spielberg
12 Woody Allen
8 Mike Nicholls, Joel and Ethan Coen
7 Rob Altman, Rob Zemeckis, Billy Wilder, Ivan Reitman
6 Frank Capra, Frank Oz, Vincente Minelli, Terry Gilliam, Mel Brooks, Peter Segal, Martin Scorsese
5 Barry Levinson, George Lucas, Gore Verbinski, Bryan Singer, Brett Rattner, Clint Eastwood, Orson Welles, Stanley Donen, Joel Schumaker, Howard Hawks, Terrence Young, Jon Glenn, John Huston, Sydney Pollack, Jay Roach, Robert Rodriguez, Tom Shadyac, Steve Soderbergh
4 Johnothan Demme, Penny Marshall, Roland Emmerich, Ernst Lubitsch, Tim Burton, Rob Reiner, Curtis Hanson, Christopher Guest, Lasse Hollstrom, Christopher Columbus, Wes Anderson, Sam Weisman, Dennis Dugan, Derek Schrempf, (Ron Howard), Guy Hamilton, John Lynn, Tony Scott, John Lassiter, Harold Lloyd, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Kevin Smith

People I need to work on. New Year's resolutions:
To see more Clint Eastwood, Rob Altman, Sidney Lumet (still hasn't made my list yet!), Robert Wise (ditto!), Steve Soderbergh, and Curtis Hanson.

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