Monday, October 08, 2007

some recommended sites of film on the internet

For starters, is pretty much THE WEBSITE for film information. is a non-profit site which is a virtual encyclopedia of film. It has a wide collection here of various compilations of the best films ever made:

79 Best Pictures is a project of two people (boyfriend and girlfriend) from the University of Maryland who plan to watch every Oscar selected for best picture over the course of a year

Turner Classic Movies has a great database which has a more thorough synopsis of a film than you'll find on the If you want to skip straight to the ending

Box office mojo is a great source for facts and figures from the box office and is pretty much the definitive database for box office stats. You can also play a game where you try to successfully predict the box office intake

One of the best magazines that I used to read on the film industry crumbled recently and now it only available online, there are here:

If you're looking for goofs on movies, there's a fun one called

There are about a million other ones too