Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's sad watching shows that have no chance

I watched Big Bang theory, I thought it was kind of clever, but I realize it has no chance. Half the comedy shows that come out have no chance of making it to season 2. Usually if they have a laugh track, they've pretty much got no chance. It's ripe for being considered old-school by critics and viewers alike which means it will have to work really hard to counter those perceptions.

A show will usually only survive if:
  • It's a comedy, that has some funky music, then it will be considered hip
  • It's a comedy featuring black people on the CW
  • It's a comedy featuring a B-level comedian on CBS or ABC It was a reincarnation of Star Trek on UPN
  • It's a drama show about cops, medics, or lawyers. Even if there are twelve on.
  • Dramas that attempt to portray the lives of people not in life and death situations like school teachers (Boston Public) or airport workers (LAX)
  • It's a reality show of any sort, no matter how shameful it is
  • It's a comedy starring a woman because of affirmative action (see New Adventures of Old Christine)