Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dont Trust the B--- Says Goodbye to the Airwaves

This article was originally written over a year ago and I just happened to stumble upon it and realized it was unpublished even though it will appear in August 2014

Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23 was a show that stuck out for its outlandishness. It truly was a unique show on TV and was certainly worth a watch, but I tended to drift off a little in the show's second season as the escapades got a little wacky for me to the point where the comedy started to lose any sold foundation.

One of the last shows I saw was the Thanksgiving episode in which Chloe (AKA the crazy one) convinces June (AKA the Midwestern sweetie/the sane one) to pretend to be handicapped so her mom doesn't feel threatened by the fact that she slept with her dad. It all turns out to be ****SPOILERS**** entirely superfluous because June didn't even reveal to her mom that June slept with her dad. This should come as a major surprise but it just feels like a cheap twist like the 30-minute version of one of M. Night Shyamalan's later movies.

Curious to know why June slept with Chloe's dad? In a first season episode in which Chloe was trying to improve June's sex life, she encouraged her to sleep with her dad without revealing it was her married dad in what can best be described as a full-on Oedipal crisis in the form of a casual comedy.

With the exception of functioning as a Murphy's law for Chloe, there's close to zero rhyme and reason to Chloe's actions as she'll frequently derail her own plots mid-episode. This is kind of fine for a fun half hour if you want to see something different. I'm actually glad that the show had a run of a couple season because there was quite a bit to admire with it. A great character like James van der Beek as James van der Beek provided a lot of where this show could have gone had he balanced out better by Chloe.

Chloe certainly wins an award for out-crazying anyone else on television and I'm glad the show ran a couple seasons because anything with a unique voice deserves a chance to shine on television. Beyond that, the show was certainly enjoyable as well. .

Still, there's more to be said for the multi-layered crazy characters you see on shows like "30 Rock," "Wilfred," or "Arrested Development" where you can map out the future, present, and past of their antic exploits.   

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