Friday, November 13, 2009

Community Backlog: Home Economics and Statistics

Home Economics B+

Pierce trying to mingle with the young people as a savant of sorts is mildly amusing, you have to admit. Again, the plot wasn’t too Jeff-Britta heavy and when it was it wasn’t even a will-they or won’t-they issue, although it was funny how Abed approached it so directly. You also saw Jeff just plain hit rock-bottom.

Annie is one of the brighter characters and in my opinion, the potential breakout star (being good-looking never hurts, after all). If the Troy-Annie subplot wasn’t working on all cylinders, the show manages to make up for it with a genuinely sweet and heartfelt ending that’s capable of surprising you. I’ve lately been concluding that the thing that saves this show from its corny jokes and somewhat forced set-ups between characters is the last two or three minutes from the show. In the endings that strike just the right balance between the happy and sad. These characters’ happy endings aren’t so much everything working out for them but them accepting their lot and making the best out of the situation. In this episode, Annie didn’t have the guts just yet to announce her love to Troy in a dramatic fashion.

Intro to Statistics: B-
I think the show was slowly building up in the last two weeks towards a level of comfort but this week had too many moments that made me cringe.
I think everyone will have their own list of characters they like and dislike. Personally, I find Sherri very stereotypical and that makes her the weak link of the ensemble. Her link to being divorced and hating Jeff’s new prospective girlfriend was far-fetched for me.

We've already established Jeff reluctantly likes the college a little and the people in the group. Is he going to go on a tirade every week and try to disown his group of friends only to realize in a sappy ending that they're not that bad after all? I know the episodes have aired a little out of order, but it seems like a step backwards.

Still, the episode had a good Senor Chang moment.

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