Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 10 DVD game

I bought something like 10 DVDs recently on a couple different trips to Blockbuster and FYE. I've had the luxury to splurge a little. Here is the following list with reasons why I bought them in parenthesis separated by commas. In the comments section, take some time to discuss what you just bought or are planning on buying (if you can get to 10, that sounds great) and why you bought it. Understanding the film industry is about understanding our choices as consumers. Also, please click here on my helium article because that's the only way I get my revenue.:
1. King of California:
-I haven't seen enough good films from 2007
-Sounds like a good story
-Michael Douglas is an actor I haven't seen anything good from in a while)
2. Be Kind Rewind:
-It's one of my 4-star films from 2008
-The sweeded portions of the films were very rewatchable and i wanted to know what was up behind the scenes.
-The concept of sweeding that the film helped revolutionize would probably be better explained. I imagine the extras would not dissapoint
-Probably entertaining on rewatch
3. X-Men 3:
-I love the X-Men trilogy
-I have a mild interest in whether Brett Rattner is actually a good director or not since he seems mildly hated by other film buffs and I thought that the DVD commentary would provide insight
-The action scenes are always great to rewatch on DVD
-The deleted scenes might ne extensive since there are so much story they chose to cut
4. The Break-Up:
-I caught a little on TV and it was good so far,
-A supporting role from Jason Bateman looked intriguing
-I wanted to laugh and Vince Vaughn guarantees that for me
-Vince Vaughn as an actor also drew me in
5. Elizabethtown:
-I saw about 90% on TV and thought it was ripe for rewatching
-I read into some symbolism from the film that I wanted to check which the commentary would provide
-It was just a solid film. Not a 4-star film, but relatively lightweight and enjoyable
6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:
-I've watched this film 1 1/2 times and my general rule is only get a DVD of something you've seen once but I felt it got better on the second viewing so I could see it having a long shelf life
-Indiana Jones is a legendary trilogy (or whatever you call it now) and there's just a need to own a piece of it
-Hearing Lucas and Spielberg in action sounds like a great idea. I've read so much about it here.
-It was a complex storyline that would probably make more sense if you view it over again
-I thought others might like it
7. Orange County:
-I saw it in 2002 and think it's a film with a lot of great lines and funny moments that I think I might appreciate more in retrospect
-I also want to rewatch it to see all the cameos
-I have a greater appreciation for Jack Black now
-Just the themes about how being educated and going down the conventional track for success isn't all it is cracked up to be need rewatching
-Tom Hanks' son before he hit it big with Mad Men
8. Kingdom of Heaven:
-I saw a few minutes on TV and I was impressed with the cinametography
-Wanted to dig my teeth into some historical fiction
-I wanted to be surprised by something that could be great and it had potential
-I haven't seen enough Ridley Scott
-I remember a friend talked wildly about how great of a film it was right after it came out so word-of-mouth
9. Religulous:
-I like Bill Maher's political views a lot
-As a member of a religious minority I love it when people pole holes in Christianity
-I thought it might make my top 10 list of 2008 if I got around to seeing it, even though I already made my top 10 list)
10. Ghost Town:
-I just watched the Extras series and now have a fascination with Ricky Gervaise
-I wanted a not-too-ambitious comedy to enjoy
-Gotta love Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni
-One of the films from 2008 that intrigued me that I haven't seen

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