Thursday, June 11, 2009

NBA list I compiled

This is the rosters for the 2007-2008 by the ten biggest colleges to contribute NBA players:

From 10 schools, you have 137 players. I don't know what the exact total of people who played in the 2007-2008 season was but I know that the number of people on the opening day roster for the 2008-2009 season was 438 (I couldn't find the number for 2007-2008 with a quick google search and don't feel like wasting any more time on this). Players like Keith Langford and Loren Woods were signed for 10 day contracts which means that they're signed as temporary help over the course of the season, so the number is probably higher than 435.

A star next to their name means that the player was never on a final four squad.
I think the mark of a school is one that produces NBA talent consistently. Kansas, UCLA and Arizona have relatively good numbers for being able to ship people off to the NBA in off years where the school doesn't make the final four.

Los Angeles Lakers: Luke Walton
Portland: Channing Frye*
San Antonio Spurs: Damon Stoudamire
Dallas: Jason Terry
Houston: Loren Woods*
Atlanta: Salim Stoudamire*, Mike Bibby
Washington: Gilbert Arenas
Philadelphia: Andre Iguodala*
NJN: Richard Jefferson
Toronto: Marcus Williams*

Seattle: Donyell Marshall*
Memphis: Rudy Gay*
New Orleans: Hilton Armstrong
Milwaulkee: Charlie Villenueva, Jake Voshkul
Detroit: Richard Hamilton
Chicago: Ben Gordon
Charlotte: Emeka Okafor
Washington: Caron Butler*
Philadelphia: Kevin Ollie*
New Jersey: Marcus Williams*, Josh Boone
Boston: Ray Allen*

GSW: Brendan Wright
Minnesota: Rashad McCantis
Dallas: Jerry Stackhouse
Atlanta: Marvin Williams
Charlotte: Jeff McInnis, Raymond Felton, Sean May
Washington: Antwain Jamison, Brendan Haywood
New Jersey: Vince Carter

LAL: Jordan Farmar, Trevor Azria*
GSW: Baron Davis*, Matt Barnes*
Seattle: Earl Watson*
Denver: Delani McCoy*
Milwaulkee: Dan Gadzuric*
Detroit: Aaron Affallo
Charlotte: Ryan Hollins
Toronto: Jason Kapono*, Derrick Martin*

Houston: Chuck Hayes*
Memphis: Antoine Walker
Orlando: Keith Bogans
Detroit: Tusheyan Prince*
Dallas: Jamal Magloire
Charlotte: Derek Anderson, Nazr Mohammed
New York: Randolph Morris*

Los Angeles Clippers: Corey Magette, Elton Brand
Phoenix: Grant Hill
Portland: Josh McRoberts*
Utah: Carlos Boozer
Denver: Dahntay Jones*
Houston: Shane Battier
Chicago: Lou Deng
Indiana: Mike Dunleavy Jr.
Orlando: JJ Reddick
Atlanta: Shelden Williams
Philadelphia: Shavlik Randolph
New York: Chris Duhon

Michigan State:
LA Clippers: Paul Davis
New Orleans: Morris Petersen
Milwaulkee: Charlie Bell
Cleveland: Eric Snow*, Shannon Brown*
Charlotte: Jason Richardson
New Jersey: Maurice Ager
New York: Zach Randolph

Sacramento: Orien Greene
Denver: Taureen Green
Minnesota: Mike Miller, Corey Brewer, Chris Richard
San Antonio Spurs: Matt Bonner
Chicago: Joakim Noah, Anthony Roberson
Miami: Udonis Haslem, Jayson Williams
Atlanta: Al Horford
New York: David Lee

Sacramento: Brad Miller*
Portland: Raef LaFraentz*
Seattle: Nick Collison
Minnesota: Wayne Simien*
San Antonio: Keith Langford, Jaques Vaughn*
New Orleans Hornets: Julian Wright*
Chicago: Drew Gooden, Kirk Hinrich
Cleveland: Billy Thomas*
Boston: Paul Pierce*, Scott Pollard*

LA Clippers: Brevin Knight*
Utah: Jarron Collins
Minnesota: Mark Madsen
Memphis: Jason Collins*, Casey Jacobsen*
Atlanta: Josh Childress*

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