Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Actors in 3 or more nominated films this decade

Here's a brand new random list:Actors and how many films they've been in, specific to this decade.

Requirements are:

-Must be in a minimum of 3 oscar-nominated films.

-By nomination, we mean best picture

-One of those Oscar-nominated films must have been in the 00's.

You might find some surprising names here like Allison Janey or Christopher Plummer. I didn't have time to look up every extra in all three LOTR's.

Jack Nicholson-10-Five Easy Pieces, Chinatown, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Reds, Terms of Endearmant, Prizzi’s Honor, Broadcast News, A Few Good Men, As Good as it Gets, Departed

Dustin Hoffman-8-The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Lenny, All the President’s Men, Kramer vs Kramer, Tootsie, Rain Man, Finding Neverland

Al Pacino-6-Godfather, Godfather II, Dog Day Afternoon, Godfather III, Scent of a Woman, The Insider

Daniel Day-Lewis-6-Ghandi, Room with a View, My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There Will be Blood

Tom Wilkinson-6-In the Name of the Father, Sense and Sensibility, Full Monty, Shakespeare in Love, In the Bedroom, Michael Clayton

Cate Blanchett-6-Elizabeth, LOTR 1-3, The Aviator, Babel

Meryl Streep-5-Julia, Deer Hunter, Kramer vs Kramer, Out of Africa, Tootsie

Tommy Lee Jones-5-Love Story, Coal Miner’s Daughter, JFK, The Fugitive, No Country for Old Men

Willhem Defoe-5-Mississippi Burning, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, English Patient, The Aviator

Russell Crowe-5-LA Confidential, The Insider, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander

John C Reilley-5-Thin Red Line, Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours, Aviator

Christopher Lee-5-Hamlet, Moulin Rouge, Lord of the Rings I-III

Tom Hanks-4-Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile

Morgan Freeman-4-Driving Miss Daisy, Unforgiven, Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby

Jim Broadbent-4-In the Name of the Father, Bullets over Broadway, Moulan Rouge, Gangs of New York

Kelly McDonald-4-Elizabeth, Godsford Park, Finding Neverland, No Country for Old Men

Geoffery Rush-4-Shine, Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, Munich

Ian Holm-4-Chariots of Fire, Lord of the Rings I, Lord of the Rings III, The Aviator

Sissy Spaceck-4-Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Missing, JFK, In the Bedroom

Julie Christie-4-Dr. Zhivago, Darling, Heaven Can Wait, Finding Neverland

Vanessa Redgrave-4-A Man for All Seasons, Julia, Room with a View, Atonement

Kevin Bacon-4-JFK, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, Mystic River

Leonardo DiCaprio-4-Titanic, Gangs of New York, Aviator, The Departed

James Cromwell-4-Babe, LA Confidential, Green Mile, The Queen

Ed Harris-4-Right Stuff, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Hours

Julie Christie-4-Doctor Zhivago, Darling, Heaven Can Wait, Finding Neverland

Matt Damon-4-Field of Dreams, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, Departed

John Rhys-Davies-4-Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lord of the Rings I-III

Chris Cooper-3-American Beauty, Seabiscuit, Capote

Allison Janey-3-American Beauty, The Hours, Juno

Toni Collette-3-Sixth Sense, The Hours, Little Miss Sunshine

Alec Baldwin-3-Working Girl, The Aviator, Departed

Albert Finney-3-Tom Jones, Erin Brockovitch, Traffic

Chris Cooper-3-American Beauty, Seabiscuit, Capote

Clifton Collins Jr-3-Traffic, Capote, Babel

Michael Pena-3-Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Babel

Judi Dench-3-Room with a View, Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat

George Clooney-3-Thin Red Line, Good Night and Good Luck, Michael Clayton

Beth Grant-3-Rain Man, Little Miss Sunshine, No Country for Old Men

Martin Sheen-3-Apocolypse Now, JFK, The Departed

Sean Penn-3-Dead Man Walking, Thin Red Line, Mystic River

Kate Winslet-3-Sense and Sensibility, Titanic, Finding Neverland

Sean Astin-3-LOTR I-III

Orlando Bloom-3-LOTR I-III

Elijah Wood-3-LOTR I-III

Virgo Mortgensen-3-LOTR I-III

Ian McKellan-3-LOTR I-III

Maggie Smith-3-California Suite, Room with a View, Godsford Park

Christopher Plummer-3-Sound of Music, The Insider, A Beautiful Mind

Richard Harris-3-Guns of Navarrone, Unforgiven, Gladiator

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