Saturday, November 03, 2007

Is any creative effort involved in "Back to You"?

This show "Back to You" is an example of what we call casting-to-type. It features Kelsey Grammar is an uptight snob caught up in his fame, Fred Willard as a wisecracking anchor who crosses the line of appropriateness so casually you'll either laugh your socks off or you won't even notice it, and Patricia Heaton plays a controlling woman who's usually more sensible than the man around her. Sound familiar, watchers of Frasier, Best in Show, and Everybody Loves Raymond?

There's also an attractive woman who's cast as a ditz and a fat guy who's cast as a nerd.

This sitcom actually works and I kind of am liking it enough to want it to stay around, but I'm just lamenting over the fact of how little creative energy it must take to write this show. All they're doing is taking three beloved characters from three different shows and putting them in the same room and changing their names.