Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some other films I've seen in 2006

These are the films I saw from 2006 ranked in order. Brief Reviews at:


The ones I've seen since then are in bold:

  1. Little Miss Sunshine
  2. The Departed
  3. Blood Diamond
  4. Prairie Home Companion
  5. Hollywoodland
  6. Cars
  7. Bobby
  8. Da Vinci Code
  9. X-Men 3
  10. Stranger than Fiction
  11. Lucky Number Sliven-A sweet Hitchkokian thriller with a couple twists and a well-rounded cast. It's too bad that this film came out between January and April where it kind of gets relegated to being forgotten. The score and cinametography are also noteworthy
  12. Talladega Nights
  13. Good Shephard
  14. Casino Royale-The 20th Bond installation of Die Another Day was more of a celebration that the franchise had listed 40 years and 20 pictures, than it was a look to the future of the Bond franchise. In other words, I think that by the time Die Another Day came out, people were getting a little sick of the old James Bond. The Bond who never bleeds, who never gets dealt a bad hand in poker, who always gets the girl and will compromise the mission if a girl is in the way, etc. I can't say I like to see franchises reset from point zero, because some of the old hat tricks are not here: Moneypenny, Q, and the villainous girl. But at the same time, it's refreshing to see Bond bleed, Bond lose a hand of cards, and Bond actually fall in love. I'm not sure which version of Bond I like better, but maybe it was the right time for a change
  15. Lady in the Water
  16. Accepted
  17. Queen
  18. Borat
  19. Poseidon
  20. You, Me and Dupree
  21. Invincible
  22. Children of Men
  23. World Trade Center
  24. All the Kings Men
  25. Employee of the Month
  26. Inconvinient Truth-The message is one that needs to be told so I support the film in that respect, and hats off to Al Gore for his efforts. At the same time, pointing a camera at a guy giving a powerpoint presentation doesn't make for good film.
  27. Pirates of the Carribean 2
  28. Devil Wears Prada
  29. Happy Feet-It has a theme loosely tied to Inconvinient Truth so that should win people over, and it came out a year after the March of the Penguins. In short, it's a film that just came along at the right time to be a critical darling, but it's plot about a penguin who would rather dance than sing just makes me scratch my head. The casting also isn't put to good use: Robin Williams is massively underused and Hugh Jackman is someone who I'd perfer in person rather than just his voice, but he's pretty decent in his role. It does have its moments though and a plot that rounds out nicely..
  30. For Your Consideration
  31. Last King of Scotland
  32. Catch a Fire
  33. Superman Returns
  34. Deja Vu
  35. The Black Dahlia
  36. Man of the Year
  37. Click