Tuesday, November 21, 2006

National Education Crisis

If you've just been newly appointed to President Bush's cabinet and you're not very smart, my advice to you would be to try to avoid doing something that would expose your lack of intelligence. For example, Margaret Spelling, Bush's Seceretary of Education, appeared on Celebrity Jeapordy tonight. First of all, you know those SNL skits where they parody Celebrity Jeapordy and who easy the celebrity jeapordy questions are. Well, it turns out, they're not too far off from reality. Celebrity Jeapordy is noticeably easier than adult jeopardy and might be even easier than teen jeopardy. So with that in mind, I was really hoping that Spelling could get through this TV show, just so i could have some faith in our public education system.

Well, she wasn't awful, but she didn't win either. That honor went to the guy who played "Lenny" from Laverne and Shirley, Michael McKean. Going into Final Jeapordy, McKean had three times as many points as Margaret Spelling and he even stole her thunder on the Category "Education" which was specifically tailored to her.

Anyway, I feel that even though Spelling got outbuzzed by McKean, this was a national disaster and Spelling really shouldn't have gone on the show unless she was sure she could win. We're already not very trusting that our president has all of his marbles together, we don't want to think the same of our Seceretary of Education. She didn't get every question right when she got control of the board anyway. She missed a few obvious questions that a middle schooler could have gotten and, although I don't remember any specifics, I think that whatever she missed should hereby be removed from class curriculums nationwide. No middle schooler should be required to know more than the US Seceretary of Educaiton.

Also, she was very cautious and hesitant. She didn't risk that much in final jeapordy and i don't know if that's what we want for our leader. I mean, she's not even playing for real money in Celebrity Jeapordy because celebrities play for charity. Can you imagine how afraid of taking monetary risks she'll be with our educaitonal system?

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MrTideman said...

Thanks Okonheim. My suggestion to her would be to read Rose & Milton Friedman's best-selling book: "Free to Choose", especially Ch. 6 @ page #___ under the voucher section, but "not" about vouchers, but to subsidize "only" the poor people of from 5-10% of the population, in a system that is supposed to be an Article IV, Section 4, U.S. Constitutional "Republican" form of government, and NOT a "Democracy"! Best wishes, Joe