Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great shows from the past three years

My grandmother passed away six hours ago and in honor of her, I will refrain from capitilizing mid-sentence or punctuating show titles . Rest in peace Sylvia Konheim.
We all have our own take on what's great and what's not. The mainstream critical community (aka people who's blogs have actual human readers: not me) seem fairly clustered together in loving shows like misfits (blah), community (got off too a decent start but became coopted by self-indulgence, imo), breaking bad (yes), louie (?!), parks and rec, archer, mad men, friday night lights (never seen it), dexter, bob's burgers (good but not great) and enlightened. I vary with the critics on a number of these.
To let you know where I stand, here's my list of shows I find engaging, ambitious, admirable from a creative standpoint and often groundbreaking. I will limit it to the last 3 TV seasons beginning in the 2009-2010 season. I've already written about a number of these so I might add a sentence or two here and there:
30 Rock, NBC-The series boasts very sharp writing and incredible sharp jokes and has been consistent on those two fronts even as the novelty of its humor has worn off.
Alphas, SciFy Channel
American Dad, Fox
American Horror Story, FX
Archer, FX
Better off Ted, ABC
Big Bang Theory, CBS
Boardwalk Empire, HBO (just saw my first episode. Opinion hasn't been fully formed but definitely top 25 material for sure)
Breaking Bad, AMC
Dollhouse, FOX
Family Guy, Fox
Flight of the Conchords, HBO
Futurama, Fox
The Guild, Internet
Hell on Wheels, AMC
Hotel Babylon, BBC
In Treatment, HBO
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX
Lillyhammer, Netflix
The Office, NBC
Once Upon a Time, ABC
Onion News Network, IFC
Modern Family, ABC
Parks and Recreation, NBC
Party Down, Starz
Portlandia, IFC
Suburgatory, ABC
Sit Down Shut Up, Fox
Unsupervised, FX
Wilfred, FX
Admirable Close Calls:
Terra Nova, Fox
Bob's Burgers, Fox
Burn Notice, USA
Running Wilde, Fox
Royal Pains, USA
US of Tara, Showtime
New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS
Ladies #1 Detective Agency, HBO
Looney Tunes Show, Toon Network
New Girl, Fox

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