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New/Popularized Words of the 00's

This is a list of words of the year over the last decade from the American Dialect Society. These words have been invented, given new meaning or popularized and given a more widespread usage. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to pick some of my favorites:

24-Hour News Cycle-Describing how CNN and its imitators operate and how events pass fast
AfPAk-The hotbed region of Afghanistan and Pakistan
Asterisk Era-The time when almost everyone in baseball was on steroids
Apps-Stuff you put on your iphone
Birthers-Those who demand a birth certificate from Obama
Brokeback-You can say “I’m feeling brokeback” as a sort of gay connotation
Bushism-When Bush flubbed a line during a speech
Chad-I remember reading that this was the word of the year back during that election
Cronyism-What Bush got blamed for with Katrina
Death Panels-Non-existent language in the healthcare bill used by Obama’s enemies
Freedom Fries-Renaming of French Fries because we don’t like the French
Googling-Verb means web searching
Green-Used as an adjective to mean environmental
Life Blogger-People who broadcast themselves to the world without entertainment value except the goings on of their lives
Metrosexual-Straight guy with grooming skills
MILF-A hot mom, invented sometime in the 90’s, used during the 00's
Infotainment-Criticism of news networks for merging entertainment and news
Neocon-Hard-core conservatives with aggressive foreign policy opinions
Nipplegate-The crisis during the superbowl with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake
Post-9/11-Evoked to talk about the War on Terror or to characterize our era
Photobombing-Getting into someone’s photo
Punked-Being pranked, didn’t exist before Ashton Kutcher’s show
Red State/Blue State-States that go conservative or
Sexting-Texting naked pictures of yourselfimages
Staycation-In the time of recession, this became popularized, the idea of taking vacation without leaving
Sub Zero-A term for very thin girls (has to do with dress size)
Super Delegate-They were big in the 2008 election
Super Majority-When you have 60 reps in the senate
Swiftboating-Spreading lies about your enemy
Tea Partiers-People who don’t like big government
______-Which character is your favorite on the Twilight series
Texting-Sending messages
Truthiness-Coined by Stephen Colbert
Tweet-Using twitter
UnAmerican-Not necessarily new, but increasingly more popular
Viral-A clip spreading exponentially
Vlogger-Blogging through video
Web 2.0-Interactive web
Wiki-A format for web sites, used by Wikipedia, and sometimes private organizations for collaboration

And more:
Spiderhole is what Sadam Hussein was trapped in
Lifehack is how to shorten the mundane tasks
Epic fail-How internet commenters respond to something they really think is poorly done (like a sloppily-made youtube video)
Veting: Tthe process of selecting a presidential candidate, it was a word before, but it was used a lot
Wide stance comes from the senator who got arrested in the airport bathroom
Kwanzaka is like a politically correct way to recognize people who don't celebrate christmas, i think christmas is in the word too
Jumping the Couch has to do with Tom Cruise
Thumb novel-Writing text messages that are too long and eloquent
App-Cell phone application
Grinding- A Kind of dancing
Sandwich Generation The generation that will take the burden of paying social security for the babyboomers
Googleganger is I think is someone with the same name as you that you find on google or can be confused for on a google search
Unfriend is to facebook unfriend but it can also mean taking them off your cellphone or email
Firstie-The privilge of being able to be the first person to comment on a new online article or youtube video
H1N1, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Anthrax-Various ailments that have scared America
Cap-and-trade-Green proposal
Twitterati-Those who control twitter with the best ability to gain followers
Cougar-An older woman (mid-30s and up who is into younger guys)
WMD's-Weapons of Mass Destruction purple states
Plutoed-Downgraded ala Planet Pluto
Bailout, stimulus-Financial Crisis 2009 terms
Maverick-Took on a populist meaning once it was misused by Sarah Palin
Six-Pack-Another Sarah Palin-coined term. The image of the American voter that Sarah Palin believes she she is best serving
Waterboarding-Form of torture
Climategate-A negative connotation used by pro-business advocates to label advocates of mending global warming as creating a crisis
War on terror-The war we've been fighting since 9/11
Preemptive Strike-Bush's strategy
Bromance-A strong friendship between heterosexual men that takes work to maintain like a romantic relationship
Creationist/Intelligent design-Proponents against evolution
Jumping the Couch-Committing a public relations blunder (like Tom Cruise did on Oprah)
Civil union-Legally recognized marriage-equivalents for homosexuals
Do-not-call-How to remove yourself from telemarketers. Also refers to portion of the general public that strongly resists advertising

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